We are embarking on a bold mission for Cosmos to become the leading blockchain ecosystem for sustainable and regenerative digital finance.

The Mission

Cosmos will become the leading sustainable and regenerative digital finance ecosystem

The future of humanity is being decided by the actions we are taking today and by our impacts on the ecological state of the planet.

The Interchain Foundation believes that open-source, cryptographic, consensus-driven economic networks hold the key to an anti-fragile global economic system and to creating equal opportunities for all.

Cosmos is arguably the best-positioned blockchain ecosystem to build the trusted technologies, sovereign networks and financial innovations…

Immunity Bonds are an application of the ixo Alphabond sustainable DeFi innovation, which we propose could finance and incentivise pupulation-wide public health interventions for the next generation of Covid epidemic control.

We recently published an article introducing an initiative in which ixo is a technology partner, to create the next generation of Covid sense-and respond technologies for Precision Public Health and decentralised epidemic management. This is the evolution of a global digital immune system for humanity.

In this article we describe how the ixo innovation of Alphabonds, which implement a novel risk-adjusted bonding curve automated market-maker, can be used to…

The vision of creating a digital immune system for humanity took on new meaning and relevance since the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Now we are making progress on implementing this vision to transform how the world senses and responds to Covid and its ongoing variant outbreaks.

Covid Sense-and-Response networks

We have been researching and developing the ixo protocol since 2014, applying the biomimetic principles of the immune system to design an Internet of Impact.

This new stateful, programmable, graph-based, trusted Internet, which is formed by interconnected ixo protocol blockchain networks, enables decentralised sustainable finance and impact verification applications to be rapidly…

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Note: The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding. This article’s content is now outdated. For the latest content, see https://cosmos.network/.

The InterNFT Working Group is drafting a set of Interchain standards that will advance the state of the art for Non-fungible Tokens and the Metadata associated with uniquely identified tokenised resources. Our mission is to make NFTs interoperable across blockchain networks and to enable ownership, control and rights management of NFT metadata and linked resources, regardless of where these are located.

This article provides a brief update on what we have achieved in the first phase of this work

ixo is leading a collaboration with Persistence One, to develop Interchain Standards for NFTs and Metadata. This is relevant to further development of the ixo Protocol, for tokenising social, environmental and economic development outcomes. It will further enable the movement towards a tokenised Impact Economy. The work is funded through a grant from the Interchain Foundation.

This article has also been published by the Interchain Foundation reaching out to the Interchain community. Please pass on the news, as this is a call for open collaboration.

Technical working Group

We are excited to announce the formation of a new technical working group with a…

The rising tide of the impact economy is driven by capital flows from traditional funding sources. However, this comes with growing costs of knowing (or not knowing) whether the investments are achieving impact. On the horizon is a deep, highly liquid token economy that could transform this landscape with valuable data assets, insights & proof of impact.

All of us — business leaders, employees, pension savers, investors, entrepreneurs, governments, philanthropists, consumers, citizens — will place impact at the core of our decisions and actions, to create a world that works. A world of sustainable shared prosperity, and of social and…

This article continues the series of explorations into the features of the Cosmos blockchain and Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, within the context of the ixo network, which is building on Cosmos to provide the infrastructure for a decentralised internet of impact.

Bonding is a fundamental organising principle in nature, which enables complex, information-rich structures to evolve that are capable of surviving threats

Electronic rights and object capabilities

The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol will enable electronic rights to be securely transferred between distinct decentralised administrative domains, such as blockchain networks.

Electronic rights can be secured by collateralised guarantees. Guarantees are also rights, which are exercised if there are defaults on primary rights.

Cosmos blockchains and the IBC protocol are built using the Object Capability model (Ocap) for…

We need additional crypto-economic mechanisms for building more sustainable financing applications, such as tokenised impact bonds, that can dynamically adapt to changing risks over time within complex systems. Let’s begin this experimentation with a risk-adjusted token bonding curve pricing oracle.

Are fixed token bonding curves broken?

Most current implementations of Token Bonding Curves only support fixed (invariant) pricing functions. Variant parameters are constrained to the token supply and point-in-time demand (order quantity).

This may reduce complexity, compared to multi-dimensional curves. However, this limitation comes at the cost of informational asymmetries.

…prices are an instrument of communication and guidance which embody more information than we directly have…

Cosmic Bonding enables developers to build any application that needs to use algorithmically-determined token pricing to mint, burn or swap tokens on any Cosmos network implementing our SDK module.

Engineering token bonding curves

Algorithmic pricing functions (aka token bonding curves) have many potential use-case applications. The design space has been well described in a recent article by Paul Kohlhaas.

This is a vibrant and rapidly-evolving focus of crypto-economic engineering, with many potential Defiant use cases, such as automated market-makers (like Uniswap), decentralised exchanges (like Bancor), curation markets (like Relevant), development Impact Bonds (like ixo alpha-Bonds) and continuous organisations (like Moloch DAO).

A variety of…

Verifiable Claims are a new type of data resource with high-definition qualities. This is an important novel class of information, as high-definition data has very many useful applications in the digital world that could profoundly change how society operates in the physical world. This is the basis for establishing webs of trust, between people, machines and information.

Data captured in this format can be high in resolution and high in fidelity.
This article explains the core concepts of these new standards and proposes how thinking about data having ‘high-definition’ qualities could produce engineering and data-science breakthroughs.

Let’s start with some easy information theory

Information theory is a…

Dr Shaun Conway

Seeker of serendipity. Inventor of the ixo Protocol for The Internet of Impact.

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